The 10 Best Vibrating Dog Collars For Negative Feedback Training

best vibrating dog collar

Does your dog never stop barking? Does he keep you up at night? Does she have some bad habits that are very hard to unlearn? A vibrating dog collar may just be the answer for you. It is a type of training device that provides negative feedback to a dog when it does something wrong. … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick My Ears? The Real Reason Behind This Habit!

why does my dog lick my ears

Many pet owners are fairly used to being licked by their dogs, and we recognize it as a sign of love and affection from our furry friends. But what happens when your dog is especially interested in licking your ears and doing it fairly often? There’s no one definite answer to the question “Why does … Read more

Why Does My Dog Eat Rocks, Stones and Pebbles? And Is It Dangerous?

why does my dog eat stones

Dogs do all sorts of odd and confusing behaviours that we may not quite understand. While some are pretty harmless and amusing to watch, others can be serious cause for concern. One of these potentially dangerous actions is the act of eating rocks or pebbles, leading you to ask the question, “Why does my dog … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

why does my dog lick my feet

Dogs use their tongues to show affection all the time, but what happens when they’re constantly lavishing that attention on your feet? The behaviour can seem a little strange to humans, but many dogs do enjoy licking feet, and it can be boggling to us as owners. 6 Reasons Why UYOur Dogs Licks Your Feet … Read more

Why Does My Dog Go Crazy After A Bath? The Reason They’re So Hyper!

why does my dog go crazy after bath

Sometimes, after baths, dogs go a little bit crazy – or, as owners often affectionately say, they get the zoomies and have a crazy 5-minutes! It’s quite amusing to see a pup being so hyper and energetic once shower time is over, but it’s one of those behaviours that might seem a little odd to … Read more

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