12 Of The Very Best Hair Dryers For Dog Grooming On The Market

Dogs are active, adventurous animals. They love to explore, get dirty, and then do it all again the next day. Understandably, this can make the process of cleaning a dog quite lengthy and difficult – especially the drying portion of it.

Dog hair dryers are devices made for the specific purpose of helping a pup dry off quickly, removing excess dirt and shed fur in the process.

Whether you’re a pet owner who needs a faster way to dry your dogs or an aspiring salon owner looking to bring your grooming game to a professional sector, these devices can be used by just about anyone.

But which ones are the best? And how can you tell? To help you answer these questions, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best dog grooming hair dryers, as well as some tips and tricks to pick the best ones.

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DadyPet 2400w Dog Hair Dryer

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The Stand Out Pet Grooming Hair Dryer For All Dog Breeds

The DadyPet has a great reputation amongst groomers and dog owners thanks to it’s affordability and powerful 2400w motor and Noise Reduction feature making the experience more enjoyable for your furry friend.

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The 12 Best Dog Hair Dryers For Grooming Comparison Table

What Is A Dog Hair Dryer?

A dog grooming hair dryer is a device somewhat akin to human hair dryers but on a larger scale. They work through the use of a motor, which sends out a flow of warm air at a chosen speed or temperature in order to dry a pet’s coat more efficiently.

Also known as blasters, these devices also work well in getting rid of bits of dirt or fur on a dog’s body. Their powerful gusts of wind are capable of blowing off all sorts of debris in an easy way that is relatively inexpensive.

Of course, not all dogs are going to be receptive to a dryer like this. But chances are that, by perusing your options, you’ll be able to choose one that delivers the functionality you need.

What To Consider When Buying A Dog Hair Dryer


There are a number of types of dog hair dryers to choose from. Here are the most common ones.

Standard High-Velocity Blaster

This type of grooming device is one meant to be set down and typically are not handheld. They usually use a long hose, equipped with different nozzle sizes, in order to blow out air onto a dog’s body at a very high level of power.

Some have handles to make them easy to lift, but for the most part, these go on the table or floor next to the dog that needs drying. They’re good for both professional and non-professional users.

Standing Dryers

These dryers are best for professional groomers, as they stand upright and are meant to be used over a grooming table.

They work similarly to a standard high-velocity blaster, with the only difference being their lack of portability and the fact that they stand upright. Usually, these dryers have adjustable heights and wheels to make them more versatile and mobile.

Handheld Dryers

Most handheld dryers aren’t as strong as the previous two kinds we’ve mentioned. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t useful.

They look a lot like common human hair dryers but have extra functions that make them suitable for dogs.

Handheld dryers are usually best for at-home use, as they don’t have the capacity to be useful in a grooming salon. Still, some are quite strong and powerful, so they can work as backup devices.


The power of a dog hair dryer determines how much air it can blow at once, and, essentially, how quickly and efficiently it can get the job done.

Most standard dryers and blasters have more than 2000W in power, which is more than enough to get every last bit of moisture or dirt off of a pup.

If you have a smaller dog or have one that may be frightened by that kind of power, you can opt for ones with 1500W motors and above.

Less powerful ones will not be as effective, and may not be worth the investment.


If you have multiple dogs or are a dog groomer, chances are that you will need different settings for each dog you dry.

Check a grooming device to see how many speed settings and temperature settings it can accommodate. While more doesn’t necessarily mean better, it does promise more versatility.


If you need to bring the dryer around with you, you’ll want something that is easily mobile. A lightweight build, wheels, and handles can all help make a dog hair dryer more portable for this purpose.


If you’re an at-home user, you’ll want to opt for a dryer that has the right size for your pups.

A very large device will severely dwarf a small dog, while a smaller device may not have the power needed for a large dog and its thick coat. Remember, it isn’t just your dog’s size you have to take into account. Coat density matters, too!


Some dogs are easily spooked and may react negatively to very loud dog grooming hair dryers. While a little noise is unavoidable, you should be mindful of noise levels if you have an easily spooked canine companion.

12 Best Dog Grooming Hair Dryers

1. Dadypet Dog Hair Dryer

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The Dadypet Dog Hair Dryer is a simple device with a bright modern design. It can be used professionally and at home, though it is designed for salon use.

Boasting a 2400W motor, this dog grooming hair dryer promises instant air acceleration thanks to its high performance.

Plus, the advanced turbo presses used help to boost airflow and overall power for a better blast.

This pet hair dryer has high-temperature protection, preventing it from becoming too hot.

It has wind speed adjustment and temperature adjustment features for added versatility, including 3 wind concentrators. In addition, this device has detour wind tunnel technology for noise reduction.

This drying device isn’t particularly popular as of right now, and it is somewhat of a newcomer to the industry. However, its interesting features and high levels of power make it well worth a try.

  • Powerful and professional
  • 3 dryer concentrator options
  • Stepless speed and heat settings
  • Unique, modern design
  • Highly portable
  • Relatively quiet
  • May still a little noisy for some sensitive dogs

2. Voilamart 2800W Variable Speed Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

The Voilamart 2800W Variable Speed Pet Grooming Hair Dryer is a CE-approved device with stepless wind speed adjustment and 2-gear temperature control.

Made with a powerful motor that has an 800-hour lifespan, this device is versatile and easy to use in many situations.

This dog hair dryer has 3 nozzles in different shapes for specific airflow usage. It is designed with a noise-assimilation sponge, though it may become louder the faster it is set.

The device also has a handle that makes it lightweight and portable.

This pet grooming dryer is not particularly popular, but it does the job well and is very powerful.

Do note that putting on nozzles can be a noisy process, so it may be best to do so away from your pets if they scare easily.

  • Powerful and professional
  • 3 nozzle options
  • Stepless speed and heat settings
  • With cool air settings
  • Long motor life
  • Assembly process for nozzles takes getting used to
  • Loud on higher speeds

3. Gravitis Pet Supplies 2800w Professional Pet Hair Dryer

The Gravitis Pet Supplies 2800w Professional Pet Hair Dryer with Hose is a strong and powerful blaster-type device.

Boasting a strong nozzle and a reliable motor, this dog grooming hair dryer can be used for larger dogs with thicker fur and is great for professional settings.

With an adjustable temperature and airflow, this pet hair dryer is easily controllable to reach the right settings for the job at hand.

It also comes with four different nozzle types to choose from, which can be easily fitted to its 2.5 m long hose.

This dog hair dryer must be used responsibly in order to prevent overheating.

It should be noted that although it has noise-canceling properties, it still makes some noise and may be frightening for smaller or more nervous pups.

Still, its 12-month warranty makes it a worthy choice!

  • Powerful and professional
  • Adjustable temperature and speed
  • Slightly more silent than normal dryers
  • Four nozzle options
  • Good 12-month warranty period
  • May overheat in some circumstances
  • Can be loud

4. Designed for Dogs Dog Grooming Dryer Brush

The Designed for Dogs Dog Grooming Dryer Brush is a very unique and unusual entry on our list.

It is meant specifically for those with dogs at home who want a handy and simple way to dry and groom thin-to-medium coated pups.

In the form of a brush, this device has built-in fans that help speed up the brushing and grooming process into one simple activity.

This dog hair dryer has 3 brush heads, as well as two fan speeds and three temperature settings.

All of these settings are meant to provide versatility, while they also stay cooler than typical grooming dryers in order to protect a dog’s fur and skin.

This item also has an insulated back to prevent burns.

This device works well as a brush too, with a de-knotting structure that is extremely easy to use and a bright specialist light that spots ticks.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that this product will not work for very large dogs or ones with thick coats. Apart from that, this dog grooming product is a great option for home users.

  • Insulated to prevent burns
  • 2 fan speeds
  • 3 temperature settings
  • With specialist light
  • With de-knotting brushes
  • 3 brush options
  • Multi-functional
  • Cannot be used in a professional setting
  • Cannot be used for bigger dogs or ones with thick coats
  • One size only
  • Not meant for major, serious grooming

5. Aeolus TD-901T Cyclone Blaster and Dryer

The Aeolus TD-901T Cyclone Blaster and Dryer claims to provide a more natural approach to professional grooming, delivering comfortably warm air with an impressive amount of power without damaging coats and fur.

This device offers a relatively insulated and quiet operation, so pets will not be easily frightened by any noise from it.

This dog grooming hair dryer uses a special Incoloy tubular heating element that is highly reliable.

It also has two-stage filtration to ensure clean and clear air, as well as multiple speed options to choose from. On top of that, it boasts a highly durable hose that resists punctures and damage thanks to triple reinforcement.

There are a few nozzle options, flares, and concentrators, all designed to provide additional versatility.

This product does have a higher than average price, which can be a turn-off to potential buyers.

Do note it cannot be used by those who use pacemakers. While by no means the most popular product on the list, this pet dryer and blaster has impressive quality and plenty of features that make it a good professional choice.

  • Powerful and professional
  • Adjustable speed
  • Nozzle choices available
  • Quiet, non-threatening operation
  • Highly durable and resilient
  • Compact and relatively lightweight for mobile groomers
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • High cost
  • Cannot be used by those with pacemakers

6. Pawhut Dog Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

The Pawhut Dog Pet Grooming Hair Dryer is designed for professional groomers, providing high-quality features in an affordable package.

This pet dryer boasts 2800W of power for efficient, quick drying for pups of all sizes, and it allows for air flow, speed, and temperature control so you can cater the device to different dogs.

This dog hair dryer also comes with 3 different nozzles that can fit onto the hose in order to provide different types of wind.

For better safety, it has CE and RoHS certifications and a special current buffer system that prevents electrocution from stray current upon startup.

Though touted for being relatively quiet, the hair dryer’s noise may still frighten some dogs.

It’s also worth noting that no spare parts are available for this dryer, so if damage comes to it, you may not be able to fix it.

With that being said, this dog grooming hair dryer is still a functional piece of equipment with wide-ranging settings, so it is ideal for many groomers.

  • Powerful and professional
  • Adjustable temperature, airflow, and speed
  • Three nozzle options
  • Has safety and product certifications
  • Prevents electrocution
  • Cost-efficient
  • Can be loud
  • No spare parts available

7. Wahl Pet Hairdryer and Stand

The Wahl Pet Hairdryer and Stand boasts an impressive 1,800 W motor that boosts drying speeds.

It has three different heat and speed settings and a bonus cool setting, allowing you to choose exactly which one works best. Plus, it comes equipped with a concentrator nozzle that ensures smooth air flow.

On top of that, this dog grooming dryer can be used with the stand or handheld, making it more versatile overall.

The stand can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of positions for even more convenience. It is also easy to clean thanks to a removable air filter.

This dog hair dryer stands out on this list, as it is more suited to home use than for professional applications.

Its lack of power and small size make it less than ideal for businesses. With that being said, its low cost for high power and passable quality make it a great option for those looking to groom their own small pets at home.

  • Compact and easily portable
  • Strong power for its size
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable heat and speed settings
  • Cool blow dry available
  • Comes from a well-known brand
  • Inexpensive
  • Best for personal/home use
  • Less powerful than standard grooming dryers
  • Heat settings may be too high for some dogs
  • No warranty

8. Display4top 2800W Variable Speed Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

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The Display4top 2800W Variable Speed Pet Grooming Hair Dryer provides 800 hours of 2800W motor working time. It is a versatile device that can be used horizontally and vertically, and it provides a low heat/speed setting for more minor drying and blasting needs.

With CE approval, this dog hair dryer is reliable and trustworthy and has 4 nozzles to choose from.

It uses a noise-assimilation sponge that helps dampen overly loud noises, making it a little less frightening for anxious dogs.

An attached handle makes this product easy to carry and bring around, and it has a very long hose and cable that allow for wide work areas.

This dryer does have some issues with whistling noise, which can be somewhat distracting and may frighten some pups.

With that being said, this is a simple and convenient grooming device ideal for newer groomers.

  • Powerful and professional
  • 2 speeds and temperatures
  • 4 nozzle options
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Long cable and hose
  • Handle for easy transport
  • Long motor life
  • Loud whistling noise may occur
  • Air may not be warm enough for some applications

9. Panana Low Noise 2800W Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

The Panana Low Noise 2800W Pet Grooming Hair Dryer is a dog grooming device of a blaster variety.

It makes use of “stepless” wind speed settings, allowing speed to be dialled up and down as needed for more specificity.

Its stable, well-balanced motor, which has 800 hours of life, allows it to be just as effective at high and low speeds.

This device uses current buffers to ensure no impulse current is discharged when used, allowing for maximum safety.

On top of that, this dog grooming hair dryer comes with three nozzles to choose from.

Though it claims to be a low-noise device, it is worth noting that this does not seem to be the case.

Many common professional dryers are significantly softer, so this may not be your best option if your dog is skittish.

However, at a relatively low price, this is still a device worth trying for an upstart grooming business, or for personal use.

  • Powerful and professional
  • 3 nozzle options
  • Current buffer equipped
  • Easy-to-adjust speed
  • Long motor life
  • Loud
  • Heating element is a little weaker than average

10. CYCLONE V2 2019 Professional Dog Dryer

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The CYCLONE V2 2019 Professional Dog Dryer is a product designed for use in salons and at home. It has a 2800W motor that makes it extremely powerful and easy to use.

This device has multiple speed and heat options, including cold settings for more sensitive dogs.

One of this dog hair dryer’s most unique points is its design. It appears modern and sleek, so it can fit into the theme of a professional setting and look fine at home.

Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty, which serves as a good guarantee for longevity and durability.

It is worth noting that, like many inexpensive dryers, this pet grooming device is quite noisy.

As such, it may not be suitable for anxious dogs or those who struggle around loud noises. Aside from that issue, this dog dryer is a great option for those of all levels of grooming expertise.

  • Powerful and professional
  • 3 dryer concentrator options
  • Stepless speed and heat settings
  • With cool air settings
  • Unique, modern design
  • Highly portable
  • Very noisy

11. Amzdeal Dog Dryer Pet Hair Dryer

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The Amzdeal Dog Dryer Pet Hair Dryer is a powerful, 2800W blaster-type device with adjustable speeds and temperatures.

It has four nozzles to choose from to meet a variety of drying needs, directing airflow easily and efficiently.

This dog hair dryer meets UK standard safety requirements as well as a few other regulations.

These all allow for a safer drying experience, preventing overheating, current leakage, and other potential mishaps. On top of that, this product is fitted with rubberized feet that keep it stable and sturdy.

Unfortunately, there may be some quality control issues with this hair dryer. It can also be quite loud, which makes it frightening for more nervous dogs.

Its high base speeds and temperatures can also make it more applicable to larger pups, as opposed to small ones.

With that being said, this product’s 18-month warranty period makes it well worth the risk.

  • Powerful and professional
  • Adjustable speed and temperature
  • 4 nozzle options
  • Made with safety in mind (electrical, heating, etc.)
  • Meets safety and product regulations
  • Long 18-month warranty
  • Loud
  • Can be too fast and warm, even on lower settings
  • Some quality control issues

12. Pedigroom Professional Dog Grooming Dryer

The Pedigroom Professional Dog Grooming Dryer / Blaster On Stand Wheels is an easy-to-use stand dryer that is perfect for all groomers, from those at home to those starting their own businesses.

It provides 2200W of power with 2 heat and wind volume settings to suit your needs.

This dog hair dryer’s lightweight design makes it mobile and safe to perch over its stand.

Plus, the wheels on the stand mean you can easily move it around with little to no hassle.

This device comes with three interchangeable nozzles that help direct airflow the way you need to. The height of the stand is also completely adjustable.

It is worth bearing in mind that this pet grooming device is not particularly quiet, so it may be unnerving to some dogs.

However, it is still a good, functional dog hair dryer that boasts eco-friendly qualities, all adding up to a good investment for small businesses and upstarts.

  • Powerful and professional
  • 3 nozzle options
  • Adjustable stand
  • Mobile with wheels
  • 2 heat and wind settings
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not suitable for major, high-volume professional grooming
  • Loud


Whether you’re a professional groomer, aspiring salon owner, or personal pet owner, the fact remains that if you deal with dogs, you can likely benefit from dog hair dryers.

Keeping an eye out for ones that suit your needs best is all it takes to choose the right one. Consider things such as type, power, settings, mobility, and other factors, and do your own research.

This way, you’ll be able to choose a dog grooming hair dryer that truly works for you!

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