How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast and Easy Guide

How To Potty Train A Puppy Fast

Potty training, otherwise known as housebreaking, is a very important part of the training that you will provide your puppy. This is how to potty train a puppy fast with easy steps. It helps keep the house clean, and it is a difficult job that always pays off in the long run. Puppies have very … Read more

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

How To Keep Dog Entertained While At Work

Many dog owners have to leave their precious pups behind at home when they go to work every day. But how can you keep dog entertained while at work? It’s a sad fact of life, and many may worry about what their pup gets up to when they are home alone. Do they get lonely? … Read more

Can You Use Human Shampoo On Dogs?

Can You Use Human Shampoo On Dogs

As much as we love our pets, there are times they just don’t smell so great! But can you use human shampoo on dogs? Or do you have to buy a special kind of shampoo? Let’s find out! While some breeds, like Huskies, are fastidiously clean and are known to avoid this problem, just about … Read more

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell in Your House

How To Get Rid of Dog Smell

Many of us are used to using the term “dog smell” to describe the odour that fills a home that has a dog living in it. But there’s more to these smells than just plain bad odour. The unpleasant stench can stem from a variety of causes, and they can often fill an entire home … Read more

How to Take Care of A Puppy and What Do Puppies Need? A New Owners Guide

How to look after a puppy

Getting a puppy is a very exciting time. After all, you are welcoming an adorable and furry little four-legged bundle of joy into your home – what’s not to love? You’ll now be responsible for raising and caring for this small and loving creature, and it can seem a bit overwhelming as you try and … Read more

Are Dogs Ticklish? Can You Tickle Your Dog? and Do The Even Like It?

are dogs ticklish

Tickling is a funny little thing – pun not intended – and you might often find yourself doing this to your dog. But you have likely also noticed that your dog doesn’t respond the same way a human friend or family member would to tickling, and it may lead you to wonder, are dogs ticklish? … Read more

How Long Can You Leave a Dog Home Alone? How Long Is Too Long?

how long can you leave a dog alone legally

Having to leave your dog home alone for a few hours is unavoidable for many. But for those who work longer hours, or in the event of an emergency where you may have to leave your dog at home for a long period, you may wonder, how long can you leave a dog alone…both legally … Read more

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