At What Age Do Dogs Stop Growing? How Big Will They Get?

what age do dogs stop growing

Puppies seem to grow up so quickly and we find ourselves wondering when will it stop and how big will they eventually become? If you’re staring at your pup and wondering just how much bigger they are going to get, today we will answer the question “when do dogs stop growing” and at “what point … Read more

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate? How Much Can Be Harmful?

what to do if your dog eats chocolate

Dogs are curious and love food, so it’s no surprise that many make it their personal mission to consume as many human foods as they can – even the ones that are dangerous to them, like chocolate. Chocolate is one of the most famously dangerous foods to dogs, so it’s important that you are aware … Read more

Can Dogs Have Aspirin For Pain? Dosage, Benefits and Side Effects

can i give my dog aspirin

When you see your dog in pain, all you want to do is make them feel better. Sometimes, it’s tempting to reach for your own stock of medicines to see if one of them will help your dog. One of the more popular ones is aspirin. Aspirin is a very common drug and is often … Read more

Can I Give My Dog Paracetamol For Pain Relief?

can i give my dog paracetamol

It’s not uncommon for dog owners to consider heading to their own medicine cupboards when they notice their pooch has a minor illness. and I am frequently asked the question “Can I Give My Dog Paracetamol?“. While these ideas come from a good intention, medications formulated for humans cannot have the same effect on animals, … Read more

At What Age Can I Give My Puppy Rawhide Chews? Is It Safe?

what age can puppies have rawhide

Puppies love to chew on things. Whether it’s that brand new toy that’s already being ripped to shreds or your favourite shoes, they are constantly on the hunt for something to gnaw on. At what age can puppies have rawhide? Rawhide treats and chews might seem like an excellent way to provide a puppy with … Read more

Why Does My Dog Eat Rocks, Stones and Pebbles? And Is It Dangerous?

why does my dog eat stones

Dogs do all sorts of odd and confusing behaviours that we may not quite understand. While some are pretty harmless and amusing to watch, others can be serious cause for concern. One of these potentially dangerous actions is the act of eating rocks or pebbles, leading you to ask the question, “Why does my dog … Read more

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

why does my dog lick my feet

Dogs use their tongues to show affection all the time, but what happens when they’re constantly lavishing that attention on your feet? The behaviour can seem a little strange to humans, but many dogs do enjoy licking feet, and it can be boggling to us as owners. 6 Reasons Why UYOur Dogs Licks Your Feet … Read more

Why Does My Dog Go Crazy After A Bath? The Reason They’re So Hyper!

why does my dog go crazy after bath

Sometimes, after baths, dogs go a little bit crazy – or, as owners often affectionately say, they get the zoomies and have a crazy 5-minutes! It’s quite amusing to see a pup being so hyper and energetic once shower time is over, but it’s one of those behaviours that might seem a little odd to … Read more

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